Bemas Metal

Founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of Hans Berg Gmbh, Bemas Metal continues to be the market leader in the panel radiator sector thanks to the products it has supplied to leading manufacturers in Turkey and Europe.

Established in 2013 with the support of our strong German partner Berg, our copper pipe forming plant is continuing to serve the world's leading brands and increase its market share. In 2015 Bemas Metal moved to a new factory building of 9.250m2 built on an area of 22.000m2 to carry out its activities under a single roof.

Berg Metal

From 1950 to this day, BERG aims to be the best in the sector, and has been expanding its activities with its 4 factories located in Germany, Italy and Turkey.


Bemas Metal


For the world's leading panel radiator producers, Bemas Metal produces Long T Fitting, Short T Fitting, L Fitting and Tube Interconnector with annual capacity of 48 million units.


With our fully automatic production and control technology, we provide the highest quality service with 1.5 million production capacity annually.

Spacer Rings

In our facility, using progressive mold technology, 43 million pieces are produced annually to our domestic and international customers.

Copper Pipe

Copper pipes between Ø4 and Ø28 mm are passed through operations such as cutting, bending, countersinking and welding to produce the products in accordance with the designs of the customers.


Product Name: Fittings

Bemas Metal

Product Name: Garniture(CV)

Bemas Metal

Product Name: Spacer Rings

Bemas Metal

Product Name: Copper Tube - White Goods

Bemas Metal

Product Name: Copper Tube - Aircon ODU

Bemas Metal

Product Name: Copper Tube - Aircon IDU

Bemas Metal

Product Name: Copper Tube - Boiler

Bemas Metal


Bemas Metal
CMM 3D Measurement- Mechanical Tests - Leak Test(Max 20 Bar) - Water Content Test - Purity of Inner Surface Test

ISO 45001

Bemas Metal

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Bemas Metal

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Bemas Metal




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